Advent speaker tips

Advent tips day 4

Learn from the Questions

Advent day 4: The questions that people ask after your talk can be a goldmine to help you improve that presentation and write new ones.

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Create Landmark Timing Slides

Advent day 3: Pacing a presentation is something that we’ve all struggled with at some point in our careers. Whether it’s because you’re working with new material, or perhaps you tend to rush or even waffle when you’re nervous, what was once a carefully timed presentation can descend into a big mess.

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Start Small

Advent day 2: Gaining experience in public speaking can feel like a catch-22 situation. Event organisers want to bank on presenters with a good track record in order to make sure their event isn’t a flop. Big events aren’t likely to take a chance on an inexperienced speaker, and as a presenter, you probably don’t want to be learning your craft on such a public stage.

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Visit The Room

Advent day 1: Provided you’re not the opening keynote speaker for an event, chances are that they’ll be someone else presenting on the stage before you do. As much as you might want to hide away backstage and busy yourself with making insignificant tweaks to your slidedeck, take the time out and visit the room.

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