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We’ve fast-tracked a tool to help you grab your data.

We really loved Lanyrd as a site for logging the events and conferences we were attending and speaking it. It was also a great place to discover new events and connect socially with people who were attending the same conferences as you.

As a conference speaker, much of the content you’ve spent time curating in Lanyrd has crossover with the sort of thing you’d want to store in Notist. As such, our plan has always been to provide a way of importing Lanyrd’s handy data export.

Over the last year, it seems that Eventbrite has its priorities focused in other areas, and it’s no longer possible to log into Lanyrd. That means it’s no longer possible to get to the user data export we’d planned to use either.

What it does have, however, is a few explicit export URLs that expose names, dates and locations of your conferences in a way that can be republished elsewhere. Worried that even this might go away if Lanyrd goes down, we’ve fast-tracked a tool to help you grab that data.

Your content, to go.

One thing we very much believe in is that you should own your own data. As such, we didn’t want to just suck your data into Notist and leave it at that. Instead, we’ve built a tool that gives you access to the content as HTML and JSON, ready for you to take away today.

We’ll also keep a copy, and when your Notist profile is ready to go we’ll add the list of events where you’ve been flagged as a speaker. That should save you needing to look up and re-key all those conference titles, dates and locations that would be so tedious to deal with.

What we can’t give you is all the extra information about the events, the attendees, descriptions, resources and so on. That data isn’t now available in an export format and so it doesn’t feel right to us that we should take it.

Get started!

To kick off the import, head over to the Lanyrd import tool and log back in or register a Notist account.

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