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Grab your Storify data to import into Notist

Many of us who are regulars on the conference circuit have been using Storify to collect lists of tweets and other social feedback from our events, but it is closing down on May 16th.

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Graduating to grid crop

Beta Tester Number 1

Over the last day or so I’ve started to add a bunch of my presentations into the Beta version of Notist. I’m Beta Tester Number 1 and excited to share with you a sneak preview of how things are shaping up.

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Import your Lanyrd events

We really loved Lanyrd as a site for logging the events and conferences we were attending and speaking it. As a conference speaker, much of the content you’ve spent time curating in Lanyrd has crossover with the sort of thing you’d want to store in Notist. As it’s no longer possible to log in to Lanyrd, we’ve fast-tracked a tool to help you grab your data.

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Crowds gathering

Welcome to the Notist blog

When Rachel and I decided to build Notist, we did so out of a need for better tools to support public speakers. We both speak at web design and development conferences (me sometimes, her constantly) and were frustrated with the state of the tools available to us. We figured that if we were frustrated, then others would be too.

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