Grab your Storify data to import into Notist

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Grab your Storify exports before they go away.

Many of us who are regulars on the conference circuit have been using Storify to collect lists of tweets and other social feedback from our events, however Storify is closing down on May 16th. This will be the last day you can export any stories you may have created.

We’re adding curation tools for social media to Notist, however we will also offer the ability to import the Storify exports in order to save you some time when moving your content to us. The action you need to take now however is to grab those exports before they go away.

You can only export one story at a time on Storify. Log into your account, find any story and click on the three dots more icon.


Choose Export and then select JSON, this will give you an export of all of your data in a format that we can import.


Copy and paste the information into a file and save it, then do the same thing for each story you want to keep.

We will then be able to give you a way to import as much of this data as possible into Notist in order that you don’t have to start over collecting tweets for your presentations.

Kill that radio star

We love video! If you have a recording of yourself in action, you can add it right to your presentation page on Notist. You can even just add it instead of slides. We’ll give you a page listing all your videos, like a weird narcissistic TV station.

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