Straight Outta Beta

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For the last few weeks, Notist has been open for beta testing. Thanks to great feedback from all corners of the globe, we’ve made some solid improvements, trapped some bugs, and built up a solid list of features we’d all like to see added. We hope it’s been as much fun for you as it has been for us.

As we move out of this testing period, we’ve shifted those beta accounts into our new user free trial period. This is the same free trial of all the Pro features that you get when signup up for a new account from today.

The free trial gives 14 days to use the full set of features for free, unrestricted. After that, you can either subscribe to a Pro account or just drop down to the standard free tier. Either way, none of your content goes away. The free tier just has limited options for adding new content.

As mentioned, we’ve made lots of improvements and fixes during the beta.

What we’ve fixed

Thanks to all your help, we’ve made some major fixes and improvements to Notist over the last few weeks. Some of these include:

… and lots more besides. The combination of direct feedback, and just seeing how you’ve put the site to use has been really beneficial in helping us to make sure the site gets better all the time.

What we’ve got planned

There are still features we’re working on, some with the aim of having them ready by the time your free trials end.

As you can see, there’s a lot coming and there’s even more that we still want to do. One way you can make that happen is by subscribing to a Pro account to support our work and give us the time to spend working on new features.

If you’d like to receive occasional newsletters relating to the site and public speaking we’ve set up a mailing list if you’d like to opt in.

Don’t lose that tweet

If your audience uses Twitter, there might be some great feedback and photos that can easily slip by and not be saved. With Notist, you can add the tweets to your presentation page alongside your slides.

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