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We want to make the experience of making a beautiful page for your presentation as easy as possible.

Over the last few days we have started to work our way through the queue of signups for Notist, a few at a time. If you reserved your username, you should at some point in the next week or so receive an email to let you know when your account is ready to use.

Initial trials will be created as a Pro account, this trial lasts for 15 days at which point you can either pay to remain Pro, or your account will downgrade to the free tier. We have explained what you get with Pro on the Pricing page.

Once your account is enabled you can start to add your presentations. If you hit any problems at all please let us know, we want to make the experience of uploading your slides and making a beautiful page for your presentation as easy as possible, your feedback will help us do that. You can also see the features we are adding in the immediate future, marked as planned in the Feature Requests forum. We would love to hear what would make Notist even better for you, so please do add anything you would like to see.

We are enjoying seeing content being added by people other than us to Notist. We hope you will enjoy using it as a presenter, and as a way to explore the presentations given by other speakers.

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