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If it exists, it must have a blog.

When Rachel and I decided to build Notist, we did so out of a need for better tools to support public speakers. We both speak at web design and development conferences (me sometimes, her constantly) and were frustrated with the state of the tools available to us. We figured that if we were frustrated, then others would be too.

On a wet Wednesday at some point in the late 1990s Ev Williams came down from the mountain and declared that if it exists it must have a blog and so here we are with a blog for Notist. As well as sharing out scintillating news and updates about the wonderful creation that is Notist, we thought we’d take the opportunity to actually write a little about public speaking.

Out site is, after all, for people who give presentations on stages, and there’s absolutely lots to know and share about that topic. So we thought we’d post things about public speaking here to share with you all. Plus, you know, content marketing.

So here it is! The amazing Notist blog!

Don’t lose that tweet

If your audience uses Twitter, there might be some great feedback and photos that can easily slip by and not be saved. With Notist, you can add the tweets to your presentation page alongside your slides.

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